Get some shuteye while other vessels are changing their “midnight” oil. They’ve hauled hundreds of gallons of oil with them. You’ve stashed 70% less oil on board and change only 1.5 quarts in about 10 minutes. You’re running 1,500 hours on one oil change using the best bypass oil filter in the marine industry, and avoiding trouble with the Coast Guard over spills.


In peak season, your boat is down every 250 hours for an oil change. Add short seasons and labor costs on top of that, plus the cost of oil and you can go into the red fast. The clock is ticking to get back out there, nets in water.


Install the FS-2500 bypass filter and extend oil changes six times longer.




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Safely extend time between oil changes to 1,500 hours. Install the FS-2500, the world’s most efficient and compact bypass oil filter, on your diesel engine and keep her fishing for 1,500 hours. If your crew can handle it, your engine can. When it’s time to change the engine oil, it’s a fraction of the time it usually takes. We’re talking 10 minutes, not hours.


You want to cash in on your catch, not blow money replacing engines that harsh conditions take their toll on. The FS-2500 bypass oil filter keeps your diesel engine’s oil so clean that you can change the filter every 1,500 hours, not necessarily the oil. Send your oil sample in for testing. The results tell you when the oil needs draining, and proof is proof.


The FS-2500 bypass oil filter offers 98% efficiency at 1 micron. Regular oil filters capture 30 to 40 microns, but it’s the soot and grime at 2 to 7 microns that cause engine damage.


Independent test results show the oil tested after a drain using the FS-2500 is chemically identical to when it went into the engine. In other words, it’s like virgin oil. You can put those numbers in your wallet. Plus, your boat isn’t the only thing you’ll pass down; your equipment is your legacy too.


In Their Own Words

I’ve got three FS-2500s on my boat, one on the single propulsion engine and two on two generator sets, plus one on my skiff’s engine. I’ve used them for quite some time, maybe 10 years. I’m not a real tech guy, but I think they help. I know we don’t change the oil as often. I go 1,500 hours between oil drains. I think we could go longer because the oil samples keep coming back great.


-Brian Kandoll