The market is swamped with products that make bold performance claims. Any company can do that. Filtration Solutions Worldwide, based in Olathe, Kansas, was founded to create a bypass oil filter that lives up to its claims. We make some bold claims, but we invested in the independent research to back them up. Cold hard numbers. Numbers that don’t lie. Visible proof that can’t be disputed. Years of test results and oil sampling that proves the same thing: the FS-2500 bypass oil filter stops 99. 97% of engine wear cold.

We created the FS-2500 bypass oil filter to give diesel engine users a way to extend their engines’ lives by years and decades. This will also enable them to get six times fewer oil changes by guaranteeing 1 micron filtration absolute after 60 seconds of use. All that saves time, money and keeps engines working hard.


After years of using inefficient existing technologies such as cotton string wound, cellulose paper and cellulose synthetic blends, in 1998 we unveiled the element that we use today. This element has allowed Filtration Solutions Worldwide to do what no other lube oil filter company has done, provide diesel engine users with a bypass oil filter that keeps them on the road, at sea or in the field while others are burning daylight getting their oil changed.

The FS-2500 is considered the top-of-line bypass oil filter. Being top of the line is great, but we drew the line for thousands of customers in dozens of industries that won’t accept anything less. The FS-2500 is easy to install and service. Plus, oil sampling is available so you can see for yourself that it’s pulling its weight and living up to our claims. If not, we’ll refund your money 110%.

In Their Own Words

I was at my Mack dealer in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and another trucker with a Mack was talking to my mechanic and they were talking about my truck and the FS-2500.  The other trucker could not believe what he was hearing until we changed my oil.  The mechanic drained 5 gallons of oil into a bucket and you could see clear to the bottom of the bucket!  Now that’s impossible on any diesel engine, especially a Mack, but the FS-2500 made the impossible happen.  The other trucker who was asking about the FS-2500 said if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes he wouldn’t have believed it.”

James “Red-Eye” Stewart, Leased to B&D Motors, Inc., Merrill, WI


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