Hope you like your truck because you’re going to have it for a while. When other engines are being slowly destroyed by soot, yours is protected by the FS-2500, the world’s most efficient and compact bypass oil filter.


The FS-2500 stops 99.97% of engine wear, while letting you go 30,000 miles without an oil drain. Yeah, that’s right. More than double the miles you go now. Changing your oil at least twice a year at $100 a pop versus every 30,000 miles using the FS-2500. This bypass oil filter for diesel engines has:


  • Two U.S. patents
  • Two decades of independent research results
  • Thousands of loyal users





The FS-2500 only needs servicing every 10,000 miles.

Unlike other bypass filters that displace 4 quarts of oil and increase the engine’s sump, the FS-2500 only displaces 1.5 quarts of oil. A patented filter element captures soot, sludge and acid build-up. Super clean oil returns to the oil pan, which:


  • Reduces friction
  • Doesn’t negatively affect oil pressure
  • Improves oil circulation
  • Maintains better oil viscosity
  • Reduces amount of oil you buy


The FS-2500 bypass oil filter offers 98% efficiency at 1 micron. Regular oil filters capture 30 to 40 microns, but it’s the soot and grime at 2 to 7 microns that cause engine damage.


Independent test results show the oil tested after a drain using the FS-2500 is chemically identical to when it went into the engine. In other words, it’s like virgin oil. You can put those numbers in your wallet.




All kits come standard with rubber lines. Stainless steel braided lines are optional unless otherwise noted. Not all years and models are listed, contact us if your don’t see your model below.

In Their Own Words

My truck is 17 years old, and it’s had the FS-2500 installed all but 5 months. In Colorado, vehicles with diesel engines must be tested for emissions every year. This last time, the emissions tester told me that my Dodge Ram was emitting less than half of what brand new diesel trucks emit. That’s also the lowest it’s been since I bought it from the dealership. The truck is stock – no computer chips, stock tires, stock engine, stock everything and nothing original has been removed, except adding the FS-2500. It’s got 166,300 miles on it and my wife wants me to sell it. A few of my buddies want to buy it. But I’m keeping it. I live on a ranch at an elevation of 7,250 feet and pull a 9,000-pound trailer when loaded. It’s cold, hot and dusty here, but nothing seems to faze my truck. I put diesel fuel it, change the batteries and tires when needed and that’s it. I change the oil, bypass and air filters myself every 10,000 miles, using Cummins recommended parts. The FS-2500 is cheap insurance against having to pay for an engine rebuild.”

Tom Harris, Colorado