The FS-2500 is a remote mounted bypass filtration system. The FS-2500 cleans your oil at an efficiency rate of 1 micron absolute. That means you will dramatically extend oil drain intervals, and most importantly, stop up to 99% of the wear in your engine.  So, you’ll save an impressive amount of time and money, staying on the road, in the water or in the field longer. Way longer.


There is a lot of marketing hype out there about bypass oil filters. But there is no disputing the fact that, if properly installed and maintained, they work to keep soot, debris and dirt from harming your engine and extending time between oil changes.


Now, the FS-2500 bypass oil filter is approximately 9 inches tall and 5 inches wide – small enough to fit on any truck frame or in the engine compartment of heavy equipment. It’s also designed to work for automatic transmissions, hydrostatic drives, hydraulic systems and many other applications.


Between an oil filter’s small size, pressure differential, flow rate and media pore size, full-flow filters simply can’t filter oil the way it can when combined with the FS-2500 bypass oil filter.


Here’s how oil is filtered using the FS-2500 system:


  1. Oil is delivered to the oil pan
  2. Oil filters through the full-flow filter
  3. Filtered oil travels through the oil circulating system
  4. Oil is supplied to the FS-2500 from a full pressure point on the engine
  5. Oil filters through the FS-2500 bypass filter
  6. Bypass filtered oil flows back to the engine via the clean oil return line


Independent research results prove the FS-2500 is 98% efficient at 1 micron.


See IBR results


See Southwest Research Institute’s results

Run the FS-2500 through the hardest test of all – yours.

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